In this poem, a boy loses a ball.

He is very upset.

A ball doesn't cost much nor is it difficult to buy another ball.

Then why is the boy so upset ??

John Berryman's poem " The Ball" etches the story of a young boy growing up. The loss of the ball represents, actual losses of a much graver kind that he will have to face as he grows up. The ball was his responsibility, but he was unable to take care of it. This too is a lesson that life teaches us. According to the poem the ball can be easily replaced. Nevertheless, the loss of the ball is representative of  the tragedies that one faces as he/she grows up.  The loss of the ball and the boy's ability to overcome the loss represents human desire to rise above everything. Thus, even if the ball is not expensive, yet it is this knowledge of responsibility and the ability to accept losses makes him grow up. It is this lesson of growing up that makes the boy sad. 

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small children get upset when they lost something and buying a new things doesnt works as they are in love with that thing like we love animals or human beings. same is with that boy who loses his ball which is so close to him and becomes upset..

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