In today s fast changing world people often tend to betray their friends.Why?

People tend to betray their friends, in order to achieve the best and the highest for themselves. People are very greedy and selfish these days. No one wishes the best for their loved ones, family or friends. Even at workplace, school and in relationships, there is a struggle to push another one down and achieve the best for themselves.

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Some people are willing to betray years of friendship just to get a little bit of spotlight and now-a-days these kind of betrayals have become a very common thing.This is an era of selfishness and cut throat competition among peers.These days a budding friendship does not take much time to wither away.There are many reasons so as to why today's friendships are short-lived and short-termed.Such things mostly occur because of the self-engrossed nature of most of the people and worst further are the cases where betrayal of friendship is done only to seek materialistic pleasures.The list could go on for two days.True friends are hard to find,thus most of the people end up choosing the wrong person for the post of a loyal friend.So one should always give a deep thought before taking any decisions.But one should not be become a prejudiced person after getting bitterly betrayed for it should not stop you from trusting people and making new friends.
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