In triangle ABC,AB=AC and angle B=50.then angle C is equal to

if B=50 then A= 50 o
let C be x
By applying the angle sum property,
x=80 o
So, C=80 o
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In the triangle ABC, AB=AC.
Hence, angle B=C=50 as they angles opposite to equal sides are also equal.
So, angle C= 50.
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As two sides are equal then it is an isosceles triangle
angle B = angle C
Angle C =50
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Angle a=angle c= 65

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AB=AC Angle B=angle C Therefore angle c = 50
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In triangle ABC,

AB=AC (given)
So they are opposite sides.
So <ABC=<ACB (angles opposite to equal sides are always equal)
So <C= 50°
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In the triangle ABCAB=AC. Hence, angle B=C=50 as they angles opposite to equal sides are also equal. So, angle C50.Aug 7, 2016
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Which one of the following is NOT a criterion for congruence of triangles?


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