in which case entropy increases??
stretching of rubber band
combustion of methane gas
diamond----> graphite
all of these

1. Spontaneity is a measure of randomness in any substance and when there is an increase in spontaneity in a reaction when we go from reactants to products we say that reaction is spontaneous.

2. The measure of spontaneity can be done on the basis of :

(a) Increase in volume/ surface area.
(b) Increase in number of molecules.

3. Thus, 

(a)  When a rubber band is stretched, surface area is increased. Thus, it is a spontaneous reaction.

(b) The combustion of methane as follows:
        CH4  + 2 O2  CO2 + 2 H2O

This reaction is not spontaneous reaction as it requires spark to get initiated.

(c) Diamond​ â€‹ Graphite

This reaction is spontanoeus as randomness in increased in it. This is as shown:

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All of These
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all cases
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