In which habitat bony fishes live ?

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  • Bony fishes also called Osteichthyes have skeleton primarily composed of bone tissue .
  • Bony fishes are a diverse taxonomic group of fish and inhabit almost every body of water.
  • Bony fishes live in fresh water,sea water and brackish(a combination of fresh water and salt water) environments.
  • The salinity of sea water is about 35ppt.Some species can tolerate higher salinity environments upto 60ppt.
  • Different species of bony fish are adapted for different habitats like rocky shores,coral reefs ,kelp forest rivers and streams,lakes and ponds,under sea ice,the deep sea and other environments of fresh,salt and brackish water.
  • Some examples of bony fish are Catfish,Cichlid,Ray finned fishes,Trout,etc.

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Some bony fish species  migrate between fresh and marine environments. Some fish  live in freshwater environments but migrate downriver to the ocean to spawn.
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