In which order should I do my English Class 10 paper? (means, which section to be done first and which at last)

Dear student,

- Students start their paper from the section they are most comfortable with.
- It is a good idea to attempt the section carrying the maximum number of marks: Literature carries 30 marks, Writing and Grammar combined is 30 and Reading is 20. Divide your time accordingly.
- Ensure that you attempt each question: completing the paper is important.
- Practise sample papers exactly the way you plan to attempt in the final exam.


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You must do with series.... Sec-1 at reading time read only paras that u would able to write fastly when paper starts . Sec it would be from book u would be anle to do it fast Sec3......grammer ..sec Sec 2 .. ..thinking . May u undrrstand ...
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You know what, as i got the advices, everyone adviced me to start from section D because we be pretty sure about the answers as they are all story based.
Secondly do the grammar then the writing section.
At last do the section A. In reading time you already get a clue about the answers of the questions, so you do it at last
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Hope u find it best upper one
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C,u can start with sec d,because, first reason:it's from our academic and v may b sure about the ans and secone reason:there are 4 mark and 8 mark questions u won't regret losing high scores if u could not finish the paper and third reason:I don't know but v wI'll finish the paper of v write from sec d before the given time.Now got to grammar sec as there wont be much to write and could give a relief to ur hands .now again go back to sec of writing. And at last go to sec a.wen the paper is given u can read the paragraph and mark the ans mentally,so at last, u could take time to read and re check again. Start ur reading with sec b,as there will be more chance for more mistakes there as u have been tired of writing,then go to grammar and then reading andfinally to sec d as there won't be much mistakes there because u wrote it first. This is my technique which I use.hope it's useful for u guys too.
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Section A - Section D in ascending order 
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How about doing grammar par from sec B first then, sec C (literature) tyen doing passage and finally move to writing.
P.s. this time writing and grammar section is merged in one and is togetger in sec B for those who are crediting as two other sections.
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I would recommend you to start from the section which carries the maximum marks as you may have problem in time management so the first section mostly carries one mark. So other than wasting your time on one markers start with the for our more markers.
All the best for ur exam
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