In which places on the India and world map, we can find animals that provide wool and using different colours we should denote the location for different wool yielding animals?

Wool apart from sheep also comes from angora goat, yak, llama, alpaca, and even camels.
In India, sheep wool is commonly available in Rajasthan,Punjab,U.P.,Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir etc.
Yak wool is available in Tibet and Ladhak.
Angora goat is famous in Kashmir.Pashmina shawls come from the soft under-fur of goats.

In world, various breeds of sheep are found in Europe, the Middle East (Asia Minor), and western Iran,western Asia and Afghanistan, central Asia, and northern Asia and North America.
Angora Goat and Cashmere goat are distributed in Australia, Scotland,northern India,U.S.A.,Asia minor etc.
Lamas,originated from south America.
Camels-Inner Mongolia and other areas in China use camel hair on larger scale.
Yak-It is commonly found in almost all mountainous snow capped areas of the world.

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