In which plant will you look for mycorrhiza and corolloid roots? Also explain what these terms mean.

For mycorrhiza you can to look to Pinus roots having mainly basidiomycetes fungal partner
For coralloid roots you can look to Cycas root having blue green algae Anaebaena cycadae
Mycorrhiza is the term used to indicate the symbiotic association between fungus and roots of higher plants. Mycorrhizal roots show a wooly covering and lack root caps and root hairs unlike normal roots. The fungal partner obtains nourishment from the cortical cells of the root and also depends upon the plant for shelter. The mycorrhizal hyphae help in increasing the surface area for absorption, so enable the plants in getting the enhanced supply of water, nitrogen, phosphorus and other minerals from the soil.
 Coralloid roots refer to the symbiotic relationship between  roots of Cycas  and cyanobacteria (i.e., blue-green algae) which are found in the cortical regions of coralloid roots. This root is produced at the base of stem and protrudes out over the ground. Algal partner fixes the atmospheric nitrogenin association with plant.

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