India has abundant natural resources - substantiate the statement.

India is fortunate enough to have abundant natural resources. It comprises of rich and fertile soil, plenty of rivers and tributaries, green forests, mineral deposits, mountains, etc. The Indo-Gangetic plains are the most fertile, densely populated and cultivated plains in the world. It stretches from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal. The black soil of the Deccan Plateau is suitable for the cultivation of cotton in the country. India’s lush green forests serve as a natural cover for the majority of the population. India holds more than 20 % of the world’s total iron ore reserves. There are mountain ranges that facilitate the operation of the mini hydel plants. It also has vast variety of flora of 15,000 species of plants. The country is also endowed with numerous minerals that are found under the earth’s surface like coal, natural gas, copper, diamonds, etc.

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