india has to import crude oil . what problems do you anticipate for the country looking at the above situation ?

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Rate is uncertain so also the quantity to be imported because of crude oil producer s production programme.Due to this,your refinery may be kept idle or if quantity is in excess of the refining capacity,storage problem arises.Transport is another problem if capacity of a particular harbour is not matching with the arrival of ship.etc.
Once you have taken a dip in water (or oil) you should know how to swim... unless india earns enough forex every year... it will fast travel to middle ages.
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India has to import crude oil so in future when oil will only be left in middle east nations so it will be their choice to export oil to which country and as demands of oil will increase and crude oil 's quantity would decrease and  prices would sky rocket and even if Middle east nations would be ready to export oil to India , India will have to pay huge sums of money depleting its financial resources. So economically India would become poorer and poorer in such a situation because we already know that India can't stop the importing of crude oil because of its extensive requirement in Industries and development.
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India has to import crude oil from other countries like Iran. India has overtaken Japan as the world's third-biggest crude oil importer in 2013.
The problems to import crude oil are:
1. Value of rupee plays very important role in world market.
2. Imports are expensive than exports ( India exports petrleum to other countries)
3. Rising crude oil prices.
So, India cannot afford import of large quantities at high prices.
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