India should have been an arid land,but it is not so. why?

India is not an arid land as the pressure and wind systems over India is quite unique. During winter , there is a high pressure area north of the himalayas. Cold dry winds blow from this region to the low pressure areas over the oceans to the south. In summer , a low pressure area develops over interior asia as well as over northwestern India. This causes a complete reversal of the direction of the winds during summer.
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India should have been an arid land if there was no mechanism of monsoon but it did not so because of the following reason

* India gets about 75 to 90 percentage of its rainfall from monsoon
* the Himalayan mountains act as a barrier and prevent the monsoon winds from escaping into central Asia
* the two progressive branches of the Indian monsoon provides rainfall. to almost the whole country
* the mechanism of monsoon provides a pretty well defined rainy season this the whole country
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