indian constitution is a bag of borrowing explain ???

Indian constitution has borrowed a great deal of provisions from the Constitution of other countries:

a. Our political leaders were inspired from the various constitutions of the World.
b. Like they borrowed provision of bill of rights from US constitution, idea of Parliamentary form of government from the British.
c. Ideas of socialism were borrowed from Russian constitution , ideals of liberty , equality and fraternity from the French.
d. But it may be noted that all these provisions  were not blindly incorporated . They were thoroughly discussed and debated.
e. They were modified to  suit Indian conditions.

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 indian constitution ... bag of borrowings b coz the lines of articles 7, 12 , and 44 and some amendments are borrowed from different countries include usa , ussr, south africa, japan, australia..


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Indian Constitution is called bag of borrowing because of the lines of article 7,12 and 44 and some amendments were borrowed from differ countries include usa ,uss r,south africa ,japan ,australia....

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