information on white revolution,silver revolution,and green revolution..

  • white revolution :Operation Flood was a rural development programme started by India 's National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in 1970. One of the largest of its kind, the programme objective was to create a nationwide milk grid. It resulted in making India the largest producer of milk and milk products, and hence is also called the White Revolution of India. It also helped reduce malpractices by milk traders and merchants.
  • Th e silver revolution refers to the period in which the production of eggs was tremondously increassed, it was done by the help of medical science and more protein rich food for the was same as the green and the white revolutionin India.
  • Green Revolution is the term given to the introduction of high-yielding varieties of seeds and the increased use of fertilizers and irrigation which provided the increase in production needed to make India self-sufficient in food grains, thus improving agriculture in India. It was brought to India by the initiative of Indian government. Genetically modified high-yielding wheat was first introduced to India in 1960 by Dr. Norman Borlaug It is also rightly credited to M. S. Swaminathan and his team who contributed towards the success of green revolution in India

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