infrastructure includes foreign direct investment (FDI).explain

Investment plays an important role in stimulating the growth process of a country. Infrastructure builds an environment conducive for investment and thereby, attracts investors to these regions. The presence of infrastructure such as transport, communication, banking and power in a region facilitates the establishment of production units and industries in that region. Therefore, a country that has sound infrastructural facilities is able to attract investments from foreign countries. However, a country that lacks in such facilities finds it hard to attract foreign investments.

Therefore, we can say that infrastructure encourages foreign direct investment in a country. 

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Its very good question, First when foreign currency enters the country, our country print equivalent money of domestic paper bills( Notes) This money will be used to build infrastructure. Because of this the domestic money will be more in the country so automatically prices go higher. This is because of more job opportunities high payments and need of more goods for infrastructure.If more foreign direct investment in the country means total growth of country and building infrastructure means like seeding trees which gives fruits for long term. More jobs more money. higher stock market rate and index. This is like total growthThe only draw back one can feel in the country is high prices for all goods ( Including land, buildings, transportation, all service charges ) except necessary goods ( raw eatables, food grains so on)In total because of raised wages and service charges per capita income is more. So when we compare this in the world market the individuals are considers as richer, now they can afford foreign goods. Because currency exchange remains same so all people in the country will become richer and richer in the world market even if there is a price hike in their country.In total this is a good symbol for the country. People all over the world trust the economy resulting in booming

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