Ingenuity, originality and being inventive, make one lovable admirable and

adorable. The author Gavin Maxwell and Mijbil, the otter win our heart for being
original and inventive. Comment

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Maxwell's story about his unique pet, Mijbil is an innovative thought. His ingenuity in building the plot of his story around his experience with his pet, an otter captures our attention. The readers are keen to know about the habits and intelligence of the creature. We find Mij adorable with the author's description of him as a fun-loving animal  playing all kinds of games. It would play with a selection of toys, ping-pong balls, marbles, rubber fruit, and a terrapin shell. Mijbil required love and affection from Maxwell and it got that readily. Such a  selfless relationship between Maxwell and Mijbil and the story describing his personal experience is what makes it original.


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