Initial conc of reactant in a first order reaction is 10M . The half life period of reaction is 10 sec . The rate of reaction after 20 sec

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To solve this, first we need to find the concentration of the reactant at time=20s.
Let the reactant be A.
So, [Ao] = 10 M, t1/2 = 10 s, t = 20 s
t12=0.693λ, λ=rate constantλ=0.69310=0.0693Now, lnAAo=-ktlnA=lnAo-kt=ln10-(0.0693)(20)ln[A]=2.303-1.386=0.917[A]=antiln(0.917)=2.502 MRate of reaction = k[A]=0.0693 × 2.502 = 0.1734 M s-1

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