inspire the present generation to serve their country (essay)​

India is a diverse country. It would be most better if we would add the required remaining pieces to complete our country. Neither the children nor the elderly are fit to do it, so its time for the youth to do their duties of satisfying their motherland. Majority of the youths don't take part in cultural activities, and involve more in parties, foreign jobs,etc. Stop going abroad, cause India is not less beautiful. It is more beautiful than america and england. There are many people who leave there motherland for their satisfaction, but they forget about our motherland. India and Indians can be like Japan and Japanese, that too decades ago. But we don't care about our motherland. Its a matter of respect. Our holy motherland is a place only used as land. We pollute, dump garbage, etc. but we Dont think about our mother who provides food, shelter, water and almost everything. We respect our mother who may or may not respect our motherland but is made herself of India. But we don't respect our motherland. So youth, let's join our hands and stand in unity and inspire ourselves to inspire others and transform ourselves to transform them. Let's be the best generation of our India and heal her wounds and be the best forever.
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