Institutional financing has gained importance in recent years. Collect detailed information about various financial institutions that provide financial assistance to Indian companies.

The following are some of the institutions that provide assistance to Indian companies.

a. Unit trust of India (UTI): This was established in the year 1964 under the Unit trust of India Act, 1963 with the objective of mobilising community's saving and utilising them to finance profitable ventures.

b. Industrial credit and investment corporation of India(ICICI): ICICI was established as a public limited company in the year 1955. The main objective of this bank was to facilitate the creation, modernisation and expansion of enterprises in the private sector.

c. Industrial finance corporation of India (IFCI): It was established in the year 1948 under the Industrial Finance Corporation Act, 1948 with the objective of assisting regional development and to encourage new entrepreneurs to enter the priority sectors of the economy.

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