Intermolecular forces are the forces of attraction and repulsion between interacting particles ( atoms and molecules ). This term does not include the electrostatic forces that exist between the two oppositely charged ions and the forces that hold atoms of a molecule together i.e. covalent bond.

According to NCERT, Covalent force can not be concluded as " intermolecular force " ! But we can see co-valent ( co-ordinate to be more specific) bond forming between NH 3 ---->BF 3   .  Isn't covalent bond  acting as intermolecular force here ?

a bond which connect the element is covalent bond
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inter molecular force mean a force act between the atom or molecules
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 but in case of  NH3----->BF3 , co-ordinate bond is acting between 2 molecules viz., NH3 and BF! So shouldn't the co-ordinate bond in this case be intermolecular ?
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