Interpret the symbols found in this poem.

The poet has expressed his views and concerns in the poem through a number of symbols. These include tigers, the men, a screen and, the most importantly, a ring. Aunt Jennifer has created tigers on a screen. These tigers symbolise Aunt Jennifer’s silent yearning for a life of freedom and power. The screen on which she knitted the tigers may represent the world in general. The men beneath the tree may represent people like her husband. She makes her tigers fearless, proud and free to prance about the screen or the world. The symbol of the heavy wedding ring she wore on her finger represents the ordeals and burdens of her married life which caged her in a vicious circle that, the poet indicates, will continue even in her death just as in her life.

(A model answer has been provided for students' reference. It is strongly recommended that students prepare the answer on their own.)

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