Is a freely falling body inertial frame?

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Yes, a freely falling body is an inertial frame.
Let's consider an example of freely falling elevator
Any free-falling object within the elevator will move at constant velocity relative to the elevator, and the laws of physics, locally, look identical to an inertial frame in the absence of gravity.
This is the Equivalence Principle of general relativity.
Any freefalling object within the elevator will move at constant velocity relative to the elevator, and the laws of physics, locally, look identical to an inertial frame in the absence of gravity. This is the Equivalence Principle of general relativity.  Any freefalling object within the elevator will move at constant velocity relative to the elevator, and the laws of physics, locally, look identical to an inertial frame in the absence of gravity. This is the Equivalence Principle of general relativity.

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