is benzene saturated or unsaturated ?

its is unsaturated coz it has double bond between carbon atoms.

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it is unsaturated bcause it has double bond between carbon atoms.


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  The benzene molecule is unsaturated but the double bonds present inside the benzene ring are delocalized due to bond resonance (pi structure). This makes the double bonds of benzene much less reactive then more discreet double bonds (as in ethylene). This structure makes it behave more like a saturated compound, preferring substitution reactions over addition reactions. It is resistant to addition reactions across the double bond because such a reaction reduces the resonance stabilization energy. However, when reactions do occur, resonance stability is almost always re-established 

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whenever u see any compound ending with 'ene' and 'yne' means it is unsaturated .
In alkene the double bond is present so it is not saturated.& in alkyne triple bond is present so it is not saturated.

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Its Unsaturated due to the present of double bond of C molecule. Benzene is a example of Aromatic C-compounds, its more example are TOULENE, ANTHRACENE.
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According to resonance theory (orbital theory)benzene is a saturated
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