is cake a compound?. It may seem as a mixture however, as it is subject to substantial amount of heat while being baked, various ingredients react to one another and change their physical properties. A mixture can be separated by physical means but a compound, in this context, the cake, cannot be separated physically into its original ingredients. so is cake really a compound?? if yes then what it the formula? if no then why? Pls answer ASAP. Thanks :)

No, cake is not a compound. Its a mixture.

Reason : Cake contain various ingredient which can act as compound alone and on mixing these compound properties of each compound remain the same even after the formation of cake. Yes no doubt they cannot be separated but that doesn't mean that cake is a compound rather properties of mixture is that each compound in a substance like cake retain their property even after the reaction have taken place whereas compound formation tends to lose the properties of the reactant form which they are produced. Thus cake is a mixture not compound. 

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