Is enzymes or DNA bigger in molecular size?how do u know?

  • DNA is larger.


  • DNA has number of genes and each gene coded for a particular protein. 
  • Since the DNA can code for a number of proteins, through the various genes, it is larger.


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that is an text book question.....

answer given here is

Enzymes are smaller in size than DNA molecules. This is because DNA contains genetic information for the development and functioning of all living organisms. It contains instructions for the synthesis of proteins and DNA molecules. On the other hand, enzymes are proteins which are synthesised from a small stretch of DNA known as ‘genes’, which are involved in the production of the polypeptide chain.

Ithis is right answer but the answer is teacher told me

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I guess enzymes are bigger than DNA as they are protiens, and protiens are macromolecules made of amino acids which are biger than nucleotides(DNA/RNA).

This can be proved by gel electrophoresis, where denatured protien would not move whereas DNA will ...!!

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