Is pH+pOH=14 only at a temp. near 300 K or at all temperatures?

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At 300K, pH + pOH = 14
This equation can be mathematically represented as:

K= [H+] [OH-] , where Kw is the Ionic product of water.
At 300K, Kw = 10-14.. Hence, pH + pOH = 14

With increase in temperature, the concentration of ions in water increases, leading to an increase in Kw. Similarly, with a
decrease in temperature, Kw decreases. The concentration of Hand OH- ions remains the same, irrespective of the change in temperature, in a neutral solution. 

Since pH = -log[H+] and pOH = -log[OH-] , pH + pOH < 14 with increase in the ions at temperatures more than 300K, 
and pH + pOH >14 with decrease in ions at temperatures less than 300K.



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