Is rain water wasted when is comes on street (which is cemented) and goes to the sewer canals?

Dear student, 

Yes, the rain water falling on the cemented streets is getting wasted because it is not absorbed by the soil or put into any use and is going to the sewer canals. 
But, there could be many ways by which this wastage could be prevented and the rain water could be harvested . For example- collecting the water in vessels and later making use of it. Other method (in the urban areas)could be development of aquifers by authority and then recharging water into the aquifers, this helps in improving the quality of  the groundwater through dilution, etc.


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oki thanks guys...
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Yes because u cant guarantee that the stree is clean
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Dear friend,
The water gets wasted when it flows away into a cemented street because that water cannot be absorbed as the floor is cemented.
Hope this answer clears all your doubts regarding the topic!!!
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