Is there any formula for division of two matrices? If yes then what is that? n if no then how can we divide two matrix ?

There is no formula for the division of matrices. It can only be solved by Inverse of Matrices method.

The inverse of a matrix A, i.e. A-1 can be found out by the following way:

  1. Find determinant of A, i.e. |A|.
  2. Find the adjacent matrix of A, i.e. adjA.
  3. Put values of |A|and adjA in the formula:A-1= Scalar product of reciprocal of |A| and adjA = |A|-1|adjA = adjA / |A|

Lets take an examples,

1) A is a square matrix ,A =I2 ,then what is  A inverse?







Postmultiplying by A-1 on both sides,

A.A-1= I. A-1

Thus, we get,


Or A-1=I



You can also follow the given link,

The process of finding out the inverse of a matrix is explained with the help of animated video in the following link:$ymL4GGQ!!/Hys0$kohdwCWZRaM5ITFVA!!


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Since matrix division is not defined, it is impossible to divide a matrix expression by a given matrix. However, the desired effect is achieved by multiplying the expression by the inverse of the given matrix.

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