Is there anything called NADPH 2?!

  What is the end product of light reaction ?

ATP, NADPH2 and O2

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Yes, NADPH2 exists. 
It is the reduced form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate that serves as an electron carrier during light reaction of photosynthesis. 

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nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide hydrogen phosphate 
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NADPH is the product of light reaction when light reaction occurs it produces NADPH and ATP whereas when dark reaction occurs it produces NAPPH and ATP
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I answered this implicitly in a comment to my answer to:?Light and Dark Reaction of photosynthesis?. Anyway:

There is no such thing as NADPH2. There is only NADP+?and NADPH. Consult?Wikipedia?or a reputable text such as?Berg.

The nicotinamide portion of NADP that undergoes oxidation and reduction is exactly the same as in NAD. The changes undergone are:

The error either comes from confusion with the other redox cofactor, FAD / FADH2, or the fact that two electrons are involved in the reduction of NADP:

NADP+?+ H+?+ 2e ? NADPH
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Above is correct
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