is this sentence is correct - Ritu and Sumit’s house is very beautiful .

Hi all,
 @Arul, your friend Nikita0831 is correct. The correct frame of the sentence is ‘Ritu and Sumit’s house is very beautiful’.
@Nikita0831, well done! Nice effort!
Good day to all!

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Thank you very much!

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very very much

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very very very much

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 yes this sentence is correct

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 Yes, this sentence is correct. But if it was;  the performance of Ritu and Sumit was liked by all then it would be;

Ritu's and Sumit's performance was liked by all. This is because we are talking of individual performances which is clearly explained  in lesson 4, I guess!

good luck for more improvement to you(arulshrestha), Nikita0831 and for all.


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yes it is correct


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