​Is this transitive or intransitive verb 
I have known Mr.Nanda for years

Dear Student

The answer of your question is - TRANSITIVE VERB 

Explanation - 

Direct objects follow only Transitive Verbs. 

Formula - 

Subject + verb+ direct object/indirect object (whom?/what?)

The man bought his daughter a Barbie.

Ask the verb with "What?" - What did the man buy?
If you get any answer - the verb is TRANSITIVE.

In this sentence - 

I have known Mr. Nanda for years

Ask the verb with "Whom?" - Whom have you known for years?
If you get any answer - the verb is TRANSITIVE.

I hope you understood the explanation.


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Dear Friend ,
The following sentence is is intransitive.
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the sentence is intransitive verb
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intransitive verb
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prathana i am sorry but u are wrong
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answer is transative guys
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