"It also requires synchrony in the pollen release and stigma receptivity"  Din't quite understand the line. So if some one could expplain...!?

Hey Joel,

The release of pollen grains and stigma receptivity has to be synchronised means that the two things have to be in tandem or together or simultaneous or at the same time for pollen tube to form and fertilisation to occur. If pollen is released prior to the active state of the stigma in which it responds to the fallen pollen, the tube will not form and if late, then too...but if together...during the same interval of time, then everything is good to go. Hope you understood, if not, i can elaborate more.

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this means that transfer of pollen grain from anther and formation of pollen tube takes place simultaneously..i.e, at the same time for the fertilisation  to take place
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It simply means when pollen grains are released and the others means when stigma is ready to take pollen
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This means that the formation of pollen tube and fertilisation take place simultaneously or together,i,e.these events are in tandem with each other
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Since they are synchronized both these events occur in tandem or they are simultaneous..

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