It gives you a good feeling when you read in the newspaper how patients from abroad come to hospitals in India and get themselves treated at the fraction of expenses they will have incured elsewhere . Write a letter in 120-150 words to the editor of a national daily describing the importance of medical tourism for India . You are Karan/kareen M-114 , Mall Road , Kanpur .

Dear Student,
These questions develop your writing skills. Hence, you should try to write on your own. However, some pointers are being shared:

a) Medical facilities at reasonable rate in India is drawing patients from across abroad.

b) In such a situation, India can increase her revenue through Medical Tourism.
c) But for that, we need to ensure proper safety of the foreigners.
d)  Medical Tourism will not only help in revenue earning but also develop mutual understanding among those countries.
e) The increase in revenue will, in turn, help us incorporate latest technology in Medical fields.

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