It is estimated that more than 70% of the worlds livestock population is in india and china . Yet they contribute only 25% of the worlds farm produce. What does this indicate and how can we improve ?

Agricultural productivity can be improved using various methods such as:
1) ​Reduction of degradation and loss of productive farmland due to soil erosion, salinization, waterlogging, and nutrient depletion. Erosion can be avoided by the careful selection of crops, keeping ground cover on the soil.Excessive or continual irrigation leads to salinization and waterlogging of the soil diminishing or destroying its agricultural capacity. Hence, this must be avoided.
2) ​Improving agricultural practices and making it less harmful to forests and crops by using less harmful fertilisers and switching to biofertilisers. Reforms such as reductions in the use of burning, minimizing the use of toxic chemicals, and increasing fallow times can bring drastic changes to the produce. 
3) ​Distribution systems are extremely unequal in most countries. Access to food and other agricultural goods must be increased in terms both of availability and affordability. 
4) ​To diminish negative environmental impacts, agricultural management systems must be devised which are suitable for specific areas and crops. This would allow reduction in artificial inputs, so that fertilizer and pesticide use could be considerably reduced.
5) ​Retention of trees as crops to protect water and soil resources.

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Lack of proper knowledge and awareness and can be removed by making people aware about it so that the recourses can be utilised upto its fullest....
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