it is obvious from the lesson the tiger king that lack of good councellingmakes the king autocrateand he arbitarilyruinesthe environment by killing tigers of two kingdoms elucidate

The willfulness and selfishness which are inherent in the nature of man are best demonstrated when he shows absolute disregard for the sanctity of animal life. The theme is the arrogance and conceit of those in power, such as the king who shows wanton cruelty towards the tiger population. The king neglects his duties towards his subjects and willfully indulges himself in his personal pursuits. He is neither interested in serving his people and working for their welfare nor concerned about harming animal life. The king simply concentrates on pursuing extravagant pursuits, surrounding himself with those who would slavishly serve his interests and massage his inflated ego. The story foregrounds the abuse of power by those in power. The story combines the elements of a political as well as a social satire, commenting on the political games which affect the society of that kingdom and presents a picture of a state in tatters because of the foolish arrogance of its king. 

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