It is possible to be in poor health without actually suffering from a particular disease. Explain

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​A person may not be in a healthy state even if he/she is not suffering from any identifiable disease. He/she may not be mentally or emotinally fit.
Disease-free state of a body merely implies freedom from disease. However, a healthy state is the state of complete well being, and not merely freedom from disease. It includes physical, mental, emotional, and physiological well being along with healthy lifestyle.  
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Yes. A person may not be suffering from any disease but he may be scared of something or may not be able to perform his work efficiently. So the person is not healthy since to be completely healthy a person needs to be well physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. For example - A person may be living in a society where there are continous conflicts and riots. So he will be constantly scared for his and his family's well being. In this case, he is not suffering from any disease, but he is in poor health due to social problems.
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