It is very difficult to Reform through legal ways justify

Dear Student,

a. No system is perfect, and we can always strive to make political system more participative and representative in its approach

b. It is true, that there are flaws in politics, and it is characterised by corruption, red tapism, and exploitation of narrow of social issues for narrow political gains.

c. There are certain legal ways of reforming politics, which can be brought about by necessary laws/ legislation or by making changes in the existing laws so as to make system more transparent in its functioning and more responsive to the needs of the people.

d.  The best example  for this is the Right to information, Anti defection law, Jan Lok Pal etc which are surely an attempt to bring about good governance. 

e.  It is important that legal reforms are to be implemented properly by the politicians and by passing different laws such as Right to recall - A law that should be passed which gives the people power to recall political representatives who fail to perform or deliver their duties

f.  People can pass resolutions and pressure on parties through petitions, protests demanding parties to be more transparent in their functioning. People can make use of media to question parties and their leaders on various policy matters.


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