It took a fire for me to stop focusing on my feelings of insecurity and open up to all the wonderful people around me. Explain the given statement. ( Chapter---- a house is not a home). Pleaseanswer it as soon as possible. It'sv very urgent.

Dear student,

The narrator felt helpless and depressed after his house and all his belongings were burnt down in a fire. He felt insecure and hopeless. But, the compassion showed by his classmates and teachers gave him hope for a better future. Soon, he felt he belonged in the school, he made friends and started picking up the pieces of his life. Fortunately, his cat too returned. He realised it was not the material things that mattered in life, but the love and affection we share with our fellow beings! That is why, he says that it took a fire to jolt him to realise that the world was full of wonderful people and their acts of kindness.


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