Its said that we human beings are evolved from monkeys and it means that our ancestors were monkeys and i havent understood that if they wre our ancestors why do they still exist in earth??m just confused because of this...when we evolved from them to human beings then why not they?i mean according to evolution even they should have evolved......please help me out with this frown blush sad surprise

It is a misleading statement that man has evolved from apes. The fact is that humans and monkeys share a common ancestor Dryopithecus. Ramapithecus then evolved from dryopithecus. Around 10mya gibbons evolved and their evolutionary line seprated. It was around 8mya that evolutionary line of orangutans seprated, and around 5mya  the common ancestor of chimpanzee and gorilla seprated form the main evolutionary line. Australopithecus afarensis evolved from the main evolutiionary line and is considered to be the ancestor of humans.(try to visualise it as branches emerging from trees and giving rise to two different fruits)

In simple words it is as if humans and apes had a common grandpa and so we haven't evolved from them but are like first cousins to them.

Hope that helps......

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