Its Summer holidays ryt now and it has caused a great rift btw me and studies. 23 DAYS are already over and there's hardly a month for the school to reopen and start exams. My marks had already gone down very very BAD in the 1st term exam of my 11th. I know, it is because i lacked practise cause i STOPPED TUITIONS after my 10th (because most of the tuitions which i had gone, was filled with CHAOTIC atmosphere, much like a classroom,... as a result, i wasnt able to do much within that hour, and i felt it was just a waste of time). Because i used to complain this thing always, nonstop,  my parents got angry and stpped it finally. but i now realize that tuitions r simply necesasary in my case. Cause there isnt anyone who could provide me with assignments or practise sheets (srsly evryon is kinda jealous. simply my friends wont) or tell me which questions r important. Neither teachers at school r teaching properly. I understand nothing and my notes r just incomplete. Before tuition notes were there and it was more than sufficient to revise, now i dont have that. I GROW more and more Depressed at school just because i dont understand at class. after the exams, i was depressed a lot and stopped studying like a kind of punishment to myself. i dont know y, my mind was like that. when vacations started, I thought, i planned, i'LL FINISH THE PORTION TILL HOW MUCH IT HAD BEEN TAKEN AT SCHOOL.... BUT SOON REALISED I WAS ABLE TO DO IT... as u know, parents start planning for vacation, shopping happens, my brother came from india, and morning is the only time left 4 me to study and i wasted it by sleeping. NOW meritnation is the only thing i find time to study cause in order to attend the class at evening, i need to see the recordings. nothing else is possible. AND WHATS THE CASE WITH MERITNATION? chapters r finishing so rapidly that i  dont have time to do even 1 or 2 questions from the chapter from the guide. MY GUIDE LAYS THERE USELESS. im  a slow learner first of all and i only get to understand the CONCEPT AND NO TIME FOR PRACTISE.  pls someone advice me. I know theres enough and sufficient time in a day but the thing is that i dont use it wisely.  i have THIS HABIT OF THINKING OF MYSELF AS A LOSER AND THAT I'LL FAIL IN EXAMS . I NEED TO GET OVER MY 1ST TERM MARKS AND MOVE ON EFFICIENTLY SOMEHOW.. i know i can do it cause i used to score high marks...BUT PROCRASTINATION AND HOPELESSNESS DRIVES ME DOWN.

Dear student
First and foremost step is stop underestimating yourself and your knowledge . Every student takes his /her time to understand the  things. There is no slow learner type of things . We recommend you to fix time  for your studies and make time table  allocating time to different subjects. Everything is important from shopping to roaming around but studies at this point of time needs more attention and dedication . Start  practising from now onwards and in case you need help  feel free to ask on this platform.

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