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A list of phrasal verbs and their meanings (p. 523)

InseparableBrush up onReviewWe're getting together tonight to brush up on our Spanish skills.Check up onTrackMy parents are always calling to check up on me.Check withConsultCheck with your professor before you research that topic.Chew onConsiderWe need to chew on this problem.Come acrossAppearThey come across as very rude.Come throughSucceedI just knew the manager could come through and solve the problem.Come up withConceiveNo one can come up with a good advertisement for the toothpaste.ProcureBob has come up with a welding torch and some scrap iron.Fall back onRetreatWe can always fall back on the ideas we came up with yesterday.Fear forWorrySam fears for the welfare of her family since she had a stroke.Go overReviewLet's go over the numbers from the annual report again.Hang onGrabThey yelled for us to hang on as the raft swept down the river.Hold onWaitThe server asked us to hold on while he got his notebook out.Launch intoBeginWith little preamble, the guest launched into her speech.Look afterCare forWhen the neighbors went on vacation I looked after their house.Lean towardPreferHelene usually leans toward green, leafy vegetables.Mean toIntendProtesting his innocence, Ron claims he didn't mean to offend us.Play alongPretendWhen he lies, I just play along as if I believe him.Play atTryWhat is that salesperson playing at, stealing my customers like this?Put up withTolerateToo many people put up with terrible service in banks.Roll overAcquiesceWhenever anyone puts up a fuss he just rolls over without a fight.Run out ofExhaustDon't you hate it when you're baking a cake and you run out of flour?Skip outDesertKnowing how to skip out of troublesome engagements is an art.Sneak outAbscondWhen we were kids we used to sneak out of the house at night.Sneak upCreepIt's funny how your birthday can just sneak up on you.Steal awayLeaveThe lovers stole away from the rest of the party and watched stars.Strike upBeginThe drummer will strike up a tempo and the parade can begin.Talk down toPatronizeThe librarian would always talk down to the young girl.Tie intoAttackThe abusive boss tied into his inexperienced staff.ConnectLet's see if we can tie into the network from this room.Try forSeekAlex said she'd try for funding for all the travelers.Walk off withStealTwo of the concert-goers walked off with a box of CDs.Wander offMeanderI looked around for Jenny, but she had wandered off somewhere.Work outSucceedThis just isn't going to work out.Work towardPursueWe want to work toward a comprehensive plan by next year.Wallow inIndulgeSometimes a person just has to wallow in their feelings.SeparableBrought upRaisedSusan brought that issue up again.Change overSwitchThe company will change its systems over to the new software.Change upUpgradeJohn said he could change his style up to meet the new challenge.Check outLookWe went to the show to check that new car out.Chew outScoldThe coach is going to chew him out for missing that goal.Dial inCalibrateWe're trying to dial the equipment in for the next test.Eat upRelishMany children really eat cartoons up on Saturday mornings.Fight offResistI can't seem to fight this illness off any more.Fight outDecideJohn and Mary had to fight it out for the last brownie.Keep onPersevereSometimes you just keep laughing on about a joke.Laugh offIgnoreHe teaches the kids to laugh adversity off when they can.Mark downReduceThe clerk will mark prices down later in the day.Mark outDelineateThey can clearly mark the boundaries out with red tape.Mark upIncreaseThe manager will mark up the prices that the clerk marked down.Pack upBundlePolice ordered residents to pack their things up and evacuate.Pick outSelectThey pick five items out from the menu every meal.Pick offEliminateWhen I was a boy we used to pick tin cans off the fence with rocks.Put offPostponeIt seems like I always put papers off until it's almost too late.Put throughSubject toAfter everything they put the pledge through, he joined their fraternity.Read backReviewThe prosecutor asked the clerk to read the transcript back to the jury.Read throughPeruseJames read the book through once and then lent it to his cousin.Roll backReduceSome department stores brag about how they roll their prices back.UndoThe new president acted quickly to roll the new regulations back.Roll outIntroduceExcitement was high when Ford rolled the new Thunderbird out.Run overHitVeering off the road, the car ran a pedestrian over.Run throughRehearseMack asked us to run the song through one more time.Save upAccrueMy parents taught me to save my money up for expensive purchases.Seek outPursueAt the conference, Jill will seek the professor out for a meeting.Shake offRallySteve was able to shake the injury off and return to the game.Sleep offLoseOne can often sleep a bad headache off without pain pills.Strike downRejectThe Court today will strike the new law down as unconstitutional.Talk downCounselA good partner can talk you down from some tough places.Talk out ofConvinceShe was able to talk the young child out of jumping into the pool.Talk throughExplainSit in the driver's seat while I talk you through the controls.Try onAppraiseWhy don't you wait while I try this suit on?Try outTestYou can always try the car out before you buy it.Walk throughDemonstrateI can walk you through the process before you do it on your own.Work offEliminateAfter the holidays many folks have to work the extra pounds off.Work outSolveThe problem is so complicated that he just can't work it out.

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What is a phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb; the combination creates ameaning different from the original verb alone.

Example :Toget= to obtainI needto geta new battery for my camera.Toget together= to meetWhy dont we allget togetherfor lunch one day?

Phrasal verbs are part of a large group of verbs called multi-part or "multi-word verbs.The preposition or adverb that follows the verb is sometimes called aparticle.

Phrasal verbs and other multi-word verbs are an important part of the English language.However, they are mainly used in spoken English and informal texts. They should beavoided in academic writing where it is preferable to use a formal verb such as to postponerather than to put off.

Transitive and intransitive phrasal verbs :

Some phrasal verbs aretransitive.(A transitive verb always has an object.)Example: Imade upan excuse.('Excuse' is the object of the verb.)

Some phrasal verbs areintransitive.(An intransitive verb does not have an object.)Example: My carbroke down.

Separable or inseparable phrasal verbs :

Some transitive phrasal verbs areseparable.(The object isbetween the verb and the preposition.)Example: Ilookedthe wordupin the dictionary.

Some transitive phrasal verbs areinseparable.(The object is placedafter the preposition.)Example: I willlook intothe matter as soon as possible.

Some transitive phrasal verbscan take an objectin both places.Example: Ipicked upthe book. Ipickedthe bookup.

However, if the object is apronoun, itmust be placed between the verb and the preposition.Example: I pickeditup.

Below you will find lists of the most commonly-used phrasal verbs in English.The table below shows the first and last verb in each list.

Alphabetical lists of Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs A abide by → avail (oneself) ofPhrasal verbs B back away → butt in (on)Phrasal verbs C call back → cut outPhrasal verbs D deal with → drown outPhrasal verbs E-F ease off → focus onPhrasal verbs G get along (with) → grow upPhrasal verbs H hand back → hurry upPhrasal verbs I-J-K iron out→ knock outPhrasal verbs L lay off → look up toPhrasal verbs M-N make fun of → note downPhrasal verbs O-P-Q opt out → point outPhrasal verbs R-S reel off → stick up forPhrasal verbs T take after → turn downPhrasal verbs U-Z use up → wipe off
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