Join the following sentences using correlative conjunctions given in the box below:
no sooner ... than as soon as as well as both ... and either ... or
no less ... than so ... that neither ... nor not only ... but also as ... as
a) I entered the house. My dog jumped on me.
No sooner did I enter the house than my dog jumped on me.
b) My present school is good. My earlier school is also good.
​c) Asit is my student. Varun is my student.
​d) Learn this properly. Stop coming to the class.
​e) Grammar is not uninteresting. It is not difficult.
​f) He must improve his speed. He must improve his handwriting also.
​g) I like Mathematics very much. I like English as much equally.
​h) I informed all the students about the programme. I informed the teachers about it also.
​i) Ali reached the school. The storm started immediately after that.
j) She ran very fast. I fell behind.

b. My present as well as my earlier school is good.
c. Both Asit and Varun are my students.
d. Either learn this properly or stop coming to school.
e. Grammar is neither uninteresting nor difficult.
f. He must improve both his speed and his handwriting.
g. I like not only Mathematics but also English.
h. I informed both the students and the teachers about the programme.
i. No sooner did Ali reach the school than the storm started.
j. She ran so fast that I fell behind.

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