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Join the scentences He canno J.7fj The sun rose. The darkness disappeared 1721 1731 41 [751 [761 [771 She fled, She had seen her teacher Try to be learned, Try to be modest.? He sat down to rest. He had a long walk. The agreement is signe All are satisfied. He preached it. He practised it. He made a plan. He brought it to reality Rhe is sorrowfill.

Dear student,

1. The darkness disappeared as the sun rose.
2. She fled as she had seen her teacher coming towards her. (Some words are not visible in the question.)
3. Try to be learned and modest.
4. He sat down to rest after a long walk.
5. All are satisfied that the agreement is signed.
6. He not only preached but also practised it./He preached as well as practised it.
7. He brought his plan to reality.


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He sat down to rest after he had a long walk.
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The sun rose and the darkness disappeared
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he had a long walk so he sat down to rest
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