Join the two sentences of each pair with the help of a subordinating conjunction

Dear student
1. If you are right, I'll help you.
2. I scored well whereas he scored better.
3. As we were hungry we ate.
4. I am sure about it that he'll pass.
5. We love our mother because she loves us.
6. I know that he is a sincere worker.
7. Hurry up as you'll be late otherwise.
8. If you want to succeed, work hard.
9. I study seriously because I want to get a first division.
10. You will win the race as you have practised hard.
11. As they kept quarelling, the teacher stopped them.
12. We had reached the station before just as the train came.
13. As he was hungry, he made some sandwiches for himself.
14. As he was afraid of the dog, he didn't enter the gate.
15. The Chinese built the Great Wall as they wanted to keep out their enemies.

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