join these sentences using infinite (to)
1. I need it. I need for completion of my project.
2. The dancer are hungry. They perform today
3. Every citizen should do his duty.the nation expect this.
4. The weight are heavy. A child cannot lift it .
5. Jeena swims daily. This is jeena,s exercise.
6. the college appointed Mr SURi.He will teach history 
7. he must beg forgiveness .It only way to escape punishment.

1. I need it to complete my project.
2. The dancers are hungry to perform today.
3. The nation expects every citizen to do his duty.
4. The weight are too heavy for a child to lift.
5. Jeena's exercise is to swim daily.
6. The college appointed Mr Suri to teach history 
7. The only way to escape punishment is for him to beg forgiveness.

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1.  I need it to complete my project.
2.  They are hungry as they had to perform dance today.
3.  The nation expects it's every citizens to do their duty.
4.  The weight to the child was heavy, the child could not not lift it.
5.  As Jeena 's exercise she has to swim daily.
6.  The college appointed Mr. Suri to teach history.
7.   To escape punishment, the only way is to beg forgiveness. 

I am not sure if they are correct, but I tried hard and wrote the answers on my own.
Student of Glendale Academy International (Hyderabad).

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