juliuscaesar chapter summary

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JULIUS CAESAR is a play that revolves around the incident of Caesar 's Death by his own friends.The chapter begins with Calpurnia,Caesar 's wife who sees a nightmare that caeser is going to be killed.Caesar has just returned after defeatinf Pompey 's son,who wanted to be the dictator of Rome.He is puffed with pride and is over confident.Capurnia sees omens and also the intuitions and dreadful scenes seen by the watchman threaten her that caesar is going to be killed.Then She forbids him to go to the Senate.But then Brutus arrives and takes him by intepreting Calpurnia 's dream in a fair and fortunate vision and thus appealing to his vanity and overconfidence, able to sway him.Then he enters the Senate where PUBLIUS CIMBER says that his brothers exiles must be forgiven by ending the law that made him suffer exile.This enrages Caesar and he says NO.So the conspirators stab Caesar one by one and even his friend BRUTUS,the idealist stabs him.Then his loyal friend ANTONY comes and joins hands with Conspirators(pretending only but actually against them).Then the conspirators see that he is the most trusted friend of Caesar and he asks for a chance to speak at the funeral of Caesar.The Conspirators agree to this as they feel that this would reflect their magnanimity of heart but also place some conditions.Then At the funeral Brutus speaks first and is able to justify the murder to the mob.NOW , it lies in Antony 's hand how to turn the tide against those BUTCHERS(CONSPIRATORS),which he is actually able to do by deftly(skillfully) making his speech which sways the mob and thus is able to win the support of the crowd and finally avenges Caesar 's death along with caesar 's nephew.

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