Jumble words solve

Jumble words solve Look at the words and phrases below. Rearrange 1. he drank/and still talked/gin to excess/master piece/of his coming 2. multinational company/ensure/at a / may not/a job/education 3. every student/wants to be/and works hard/successful/to achieve it/in the examination 4. does not/extremelv hard/some work/on them/but lady luck/smile 5. parents/are those/blessed/caring/and/who have/loving 6. flowers/parents/of his/a child's life/the support/if he has 7. childhood/from/must start/right/character building 8. live/touch/you/not/this/must/wire. g. Can deny it/day by day/and nobody/ is becoming/water/scarce 10. in life/helps us/overcome obstacles/their advice/our failures/not only/but also helps/remove 11. on time/have/their work/the knack of /patient people/finishing 12. to run/is the/doesn't/fuel/the bicycle/that/only vehicle/ require 13. is nil/pollution- free/it is/ the cost/and/of running it 14. quick/it is/over a /especiallv in/short distance,/smaii towns 15. of lanes/it takes/the narrowest/you/even/through 16. mathematics/and /key words/practice/consistency/are the /for 17. not/me/dare/disobey/he. 18. holds/the son/for/perhaps/himself/he/spoiling/responsible 19. you/hard/fail/lest/work/should. 20. well-versed [is very/regular practice/to make you/in maths/important

20. Regular practice in maths is very important to make you well versed.
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Hi Raghav I am devansh
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see, in the 4th sentence it is look not luck , in 5th sentence the word children is missing in question ,in 6th, 10thand 12th question are incomplete and sorry i tried 11th but answer was not getting

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sorry the image was not clear in the previous one

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