jumman and his family became indifferent after the transfer of the property. is it right to disrespect elders for the sake of money and property? discuss with reference to the lesson fair play in 60 to 80 words.

Jumman's aunt transferred all her property to him in the good faith that she would be looked after by him and his family. Their rude behaviour was uncalled for as it was a breach of faith and trust. The elderly often require physical and mental support due to poor medical condition and failing health. They feel lonely after the death of a partner or friends. Old age can be a trying time and the support of family and friends is a pre-requisite to them leading a comfortable and dignified life. We shouldn't fake respect for elders only for the sake of inheriting their money and property, they must be respected at all times and under all conditions: humanity demands that!

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No,because when jumman aunt transfered him all of her property jumman became very rude towards her khala by promising that he(jumman) would care her properly
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