Junk food is tasty ,attractive and easily available but harmful to health ? write an article about it

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Why Does Fast Food Taste So Good, But Yet So Bad For Us ?

My topic is about why healthier food choices are more expensive than fast food. What made me interested in this topic is why chemical free foods (organic foods) like fruits and vegetables are so expensive. If they are so good to our health, why cant they be affordable in all places? But food such as fast-food is available more, and is bad for our health. The bosses of these fast-food companies plant them in neighborhoods which arent rich, and lure us because its so good.

While researching, I read that fast food is literally packed with sodium (salt), fats, and sugar. In the United States, obesity comes 2nd after smoking as a leading cause of death. In the fast food restaurant McDonalds, their McNuggets contains TWICE as much fat than hamburgers. Facts such as these shock me, but yet we still eat it because we find it to have a satisfying taste. I want to find out, do the CEOs such of companies like McDonalds, Burger King, try changing their food to chemical free? Actual REAL fruit, and REAL meat? When will people change their habits and stop eating this harmful food?

Research for me so far has been very beneficial to me, and each time I research I am finding more, and more facts Ive never knew about before. A challenge I come to is that I want to write so many things, but isnt sure which one to write about. Questions like: Is there even any good to fast-food. Does it come with an benefit? These are always popping up in my head, but I dont want to go off track. When finished with this paper, I hope I can stop eating fast-food. Like never again, because it tastes so good, but its bad for you.


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