Justify the title ' a question of trust '


Horace Danby was a thief. However, he was not your typical average thief. He was considered to be an honourable citizen, but to fulfill his desire of buying expensive and rare books, he robbed once a year. He went to a house in Shot over Grange to rob a safe. While he was in the house, a lady appeared at the house and threatened to send Danby to jail for breaking into the house. However, she promised to let Danby go if he opened the safe for her. Danby placed his trust in the lady and agreed to open the safe, believing her to be the mistress of the house. However, the lady was a jewel thief. Danby got caught as he left fingerprints while opening the safe, whereas the lady went scotfree. Danby went to jail as he trusted the lady. So, the title used is apt for the storyline.  

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