Kezia's father was actually different from what he appeared to kezia. Justfy in detail.

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Kezia’s father was a very strict person. He was never seen in a playful mood and was always serious. Though he loved Kezia, he always scolded her for seemingly minor mistakes. His job was such that he could not devote time to his family and was always stressed. After the incident of the nightmare, Kezia realised that her father was soft and caring, only he looked like a big giant to her! She understood that he worked hard and got very tired. As he comforted her when she had the nightmare and her mom and granny were away in hospital, she knew that he had a big, kind heart.

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according to kezia her father was mean , always scolding her,who didn't loved her but she didn't know that he loved her and cared for her which later was known by her when she had to sleep without her granny and mom and she had a nightmare after which her father comforted her
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@Exo is correct
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